About Me

  • I’m an accelerated MS/BS student majoring in CS at Vanderbilt University and minoring in Applied Math and Data Science.
  • I’m working as a Research Assistant at the Bowden lab, studying under Dr. Audrey Bowden.
  • I have a couple years of full-cycle machine learning development/software engineering experience with PyTorch and C++, in the domains of government defense at Lynntech and healthcare computer vision at Yoomi.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and medical imaging. I’m fascinated about the practical applications of artificial intelligence in automation and as an aid to work more efficiently. I hope to use my experience in full-cycle machine learning model development to create end-to-end solutions in better understanding medical images and video. Ultimately, I want to help with the clinical translation of novel methods from academia into the real world.

Other Interests

When I’m not busy working, I’m:
🎻 Playing viola as section leader in the Orchestra - Ask me about the Studio Ghibli suite!
🤖 Surfing research Twitter keeping up daily ML breakthroughs
🎵 Listening to music (I’m a big fan of NIKI, Sundial, and Ed Sheeran)
🏸 Playing Badminton and Working out
🥡 Cooking Chinese food and Baking cookies
🍥 Watching Spy x Family and other Anime

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